We update our steamers like iPhones.

Mealhero is associated with delicious meals. Freshly frozen ingredients that are steamed to perfection. Apart from the healthy meals, we are also a tech company

Tech & software are equally important for us as food. One of Mealheros core values is technology. We exemplify this value everyday in our consumer product. At Mealhero, we are always looking for ways to evolve our working methods and to improve the quality of our products. Every day our tech team is working hard on developing new features. The smart steamer that comes with our foodboxes being the biggest example here.

Scanning process

From the start Mealhero embarked on a journey to improve their technology everyday. In this post I want to share the story of a recent update of our smart steamer that we launched. 

But first, let’s take a step back to see what distincts our smart steamer from others. It has a couple of characteristics which make it stand out from ‘regular’ steamers and other electrical kitchen appliances. For example, when you buy a water boiler or an air fryer, what you see is what you get. If you want a better version or an update, you have to buy a new one. We designed our smart steamer in a way that this is not necessary. Just like an iPhone or a Tesla, you can update your steamer to make it even smarter. This way we can solve problems and make improvements from a distance. A smart steamer which can perform updates is a giant leap forward compared to regular devices. It opens up a wide range of opportunities to improve the overall efficiency and experience of the steaming process. 

Recently, we encountered a problem concerning the steamer: an error message occurred incorrectly on multiple steamers. Customers reported that the steamer indicated that insufficient water was being added to the water reservoir, even when this reservoir was properly replenished. Since the steamer – for safety reasons – wasn’t able to start the steaming process while this error message occurred, our customers couldn’t use their appliance. 

As a result we recalled the faulty steamers. Instead of just accepting that the steamers didn’t work accordingly, our engineering team examined the steamers meticulously. They even made a 3D scan of the appliances. This way we could get a very good understanding of what the exact cause of the inaccurate error code was. After closely analyzing the results, we were able to trace the problem to an abnormality in the shape of an internal part of the steamer.

For appliances which cannot be updated, an issue like this would lead to a product recall. Fortunately, Mealhero was able to do something different as we found a solution to this issue. Our engineering team wrote a smart calibration algorithm and pushed this to our customers’ steamers at home. The issue is not only resolved, after this update the sensors of the steamer work faster and are therefore even safer than before. 

Mealhero is a young startup company. We are always pushing ourselves to grow and improve. We have a lot of updates and new features coming up. Stay tuned to see what other tech & software related updates Mealhero is planning on releasing in the near future!

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