Steamed to perfection

Mealhero has a very problem solving mindset. We designed our smart steamer to transmit information to the Mealhero app and vice versa. Recently we released version 1.18.1 of our app. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the extra steaming option. 

While designing the steamer one of the requirements was that it can communicate with the app. For example when the smart steamer scans an ingredient, this disappears from the virtual stock in the app. Another illustration is when your steamer is operative, you can not only follow the count down on the screen but also in the app itself. 

It’s safe to say that Mealhero is a driven team that works every day on improving our services. Talking directly to our customers helps us to find pain points and creates a more vibrant picture of their needs. Every now and then we would receive feedback from our customers, mentioning that sometimes their meals were not completely cooked to their liking. Of course our software team started looking for a fitting solution immediately. Ultimately last week Mealhero introduced app version 1.18.1 and with it the extra steaming feature. 

From a customer experience point of view it’s very easy: Within a timeframe of 10 minutes you can add extra steam time of one or more ingredients for up to 5 minutes (you know, just to get it right). The customer can easily select the steam time of each separate ingredient by using a sliding system in the app. By just one click in the app the steamer knows exactly what to do. 

From a technical perspective this was a bit more challenging. As mentioned in a previous post, each individually packed ingredient had its own package ID. This ID sequentially is linked to an ingredient in our database. Each package ID has two main characteristics: it can only be used once and it can expire. In order to implement the extra steam time option, our software team had to create new package IDs. The requirements (as opposed to the codes of regular ingredients) were that it could be steamed infinitely and that it couldn’t expire. Reheat IDs were made for each possible extra steaming time minute (1 to 5) and for each individual steaming basket (left – middle – right). 

When a customer options to use the extra steam time function via the app. They push a notification to the server. The server in turn communicates the correct information to the smart steamer (based on the reheating package ID that was pushed). This way the steamer knows precisely how long it has to steam.

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