How we reduced 33% of plastic packaging

As a socially conscious scale-up we try our very best to minimise our effect on the environment and those around us. For us, this means continuously analysing our processes and actions.

During the month of may we decided to tackle our plastic packaging. Since our packaging needs to be food and freezer safe, this wasn’t an easy assignment. Nevertheless, our research team gladly accepted this challenge. 

We have come up with a solution to eliminate 33% of plastic packaging per meal. Our new Chef’s 2in1 ingredients are 2 ingredients combined into 1. They are a combination of carbohydrates and fresh vegetables. Such as, fusilli with paprika and cheese or pasta puttanesca with olives, tomatoes and zucchini. 

This allows the user to have more flexibility while steaming with Mealhero. Instead of steaming 2 identical meals, you can now steam 2 different meals. Since you can choose 2 different combinations. So not only are we excited about our decrease in plastic packaging, we are also able to offer more flexibility to our customers.

We want to be the perfect alternative for those with little time or energy to eat a healthy meal every night. Our Chef’s 2in1 is the perfect step in the right direction. Not only does this offer a next step in our flexibility it also supports our mission to reduce plastic packaging.

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