Culture comes first

Mealhero is a fast-growing food tech scale-up that wants to make tasty and healthy food easy. We have only existed for 2 years and in that time have grown rapidly to a few 1,000 families in Belgium and the Netherlands. We are extremely ambitious and aim for triple (!) Growth figures every year.

We think big and want to radically change the way we eat at home. In this way, we strengthen our food platform every day, our customer number grows and every day we come one step closer to the ultimate goal: A Personal Chef in every home.

Just do it

Roll up your sleeves. We are a fast-growing team with a lot of work – and that’s how we like it.


The sky is the limit. We have sky-high ambitions and want to change the world and the future of food.

Move fast

When you work with us, you’re offered a seat on a rocketship. We go hard and want to move forward quickly in everything we do.

People at Mealhero

Working for Mealhero is really fun and educational. The combination of delivering delicious fresh food combined with the technical parts makes it really unique and challenging to bring the food experience to another level and at the same time contribute to much less waste. It provides a lot of variation of the projects you work on in a great team and you will develop a lot of new and different skills. That is exactly what I like so much about Mealhero.

Luka – Operations


When working for a fast-growing start-up like Mealhero, you quickly learn to understand how to grow a user base and which marketing channels are effective for which demographics. I love the variation and responsibility, and how fast ideas can become reality. The job isn’t just about getting any group of people engaged, it’s about spreading the promise of easy and healthy food across the world. Because rest assured at Mealhero here’s no limit.

Anne-Sophie – Marketing


When I was offered a seat on Mealhero’s rocket ship. I was really excited. I ended up in a young, dynamic and ambitious team. At Mealhero I got the chance to develop into a real customer hero because our customer support team doesn’t only provide answers, help, and guide our Mealheroes. We are the face of the company and play a critical part in sales and word-of-mouth marketing. Our customer support is unstoppable.

Inge – Customer Support

Meet Techhero

We love: data, tech, AI, connecting with clever people, and easy home cooking.